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IBZ inspires

Experience & expertise


Our experience in combination with solution-oriented expertise, flexibility and our enthusiasm for innovative systems in the woodworking industry are your guarantee for implementing your ideas and meeting your needs.


From the very first meeting, we guarantee perfection and reliability in planning of your project.

Get an overview of a small selection of realized projects.

Tensile testing machine
10 tons for finger joints


Designed as an autonomous plant with manual feeding for finger jointed wooden slats of lengths from 3000 mm to 12000 mm. Slat widths from 50 to 220 mm. Substructure as a solid steel construction with a fixed clamping point. An adjustable trolley with clamping and safety devices is mounted on the substructure. Adjustment is automatic. Cross transport with chain conveyor with separation.

Feasibility study for machining centre for CLT plates

Feasibility study of a production line for prefabricated building elements. Development of a plant concept. Determination of the necessary number of robots for a given system performance, concept for clamping devices. Optimization of the transport of the finished elements.

Slat cutting machine

Designed as an autonomous plant with manual feeding for the production of slats that are inserted in the opposite direction to stacks of freshly sawn slats for sufficient air supply in order to prevent mould from various types of boards. The feed table is equipped with 2 adjustable cross-cut saws. Longitudinal line with roller conveyor and multi-blade saw. Up to 5 saw blades can be mounted.

Mechanisation planing machine


Feed planing machine consisting of parcel tape, separation, chop saws, infeed planer with metal detector. The boards are either cut to length or separated. For short wood (0.8 – 1.2 m) or prefabricated wood there is an external task.